He forgives whomever He wills…

He forgives whomever He wills

A sin committed…

A sin committed does not harm an individual so much as

None of you truly believes…


All religions are from Allah.

The Holy Qur’an in verse 22:67 provides immense food for thought, especially relevant in our time of rampant sectarianism and increasing animosity between people who ally themselves to different religious traditions.

The verse indicates that all religions are from God, which means there must be a Divine Wisdom and Blessing in the diversity faith and spirituality takes in our Human Family. Surely then, this is not something to condemn as the closed minded do; rather this is a blessing from God, perhaps a phenomenon we should learn more about and reflect upon…

To every nation - Holy Quran 22.67

Yield and Remain Whole

Yield and remain whole
Bend and remain straight
Be low and become filled
Be worn out and become renewed
Have little and receive
Have much and be confused

Therefore the sages hold to the one as an example for the world
Without flaunting themselves – and so are seen clearly
Without presuming themselves – and so are distinguished
Without praising themselves – and so have merit
Without boasting about themselves – and so are lasting

Because they do not contend, the world cannot contend with them
What the ancients called “the one who yields and remains whole”
Were they speaking empty words?
Sincerity becoming whole, and returning to oneself

~ Tao Te Ching, Chapter 22

Source: http://www.taoism.net/ttc/complete.htm

Picture 129 (2000x1470)

Image: http://robinsonmaps.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/pont-y-pandy-slate-mill.html

False prophets who really Profit!

the life of this world is nothing but the enjoyment of deception

To all who are celebrating; Happy Mabon, the Autumn Equinox!



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