How wonderful! How tragic… Iraq in the 1950’s

People & Power – Argentina: The Bad Seeds

Spirituality – Islam The Way of Life – Ep 3

Homayoun Shajarian Heavy Makeup آرایش غلیظ همایون شجریان

Typography: IF Rudyard Kipling by George Horne

Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream Speech – August 28, 1963

John McCain on Senate Intelligence Report on CIA “Enhanced Interrogation” (09.12.2014).

“I know from personal experience that the abuse of prisoners will produce more bad than good intelligence. I know that victims of torture will offer intentionally misleading information if they think their captors will believe it. I know they will say whatever they think their torturers want them to say if they believe it will stop their suffering. Most of all, I know the use of torture compromises that which most distinguishes us from our enemies, our belief that all people, even captured enemies, possess basic human rights, which are protected by international conventions the U.S. not only joined, but for the most part authored.

Full transcript:


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