The only people who are going to change us, IS OURSELVES!

Bism’Allah al Rahman al Raheem.

In Ramadan, through fasts and prayers, we focus on remembering Allah SWT, purifying our souls and transcending our baser desires to become better Human Beings.

However, when we look around the world today, how many Muslim role models do we see in all fields of life?

For sure, there are some… but is that number really representative of the 1.9 billion of us, compared to people of other faiths and backgrounds?

Brothers and Sisters, it’s time to wake up, the only people who are going to change us, IS OURSELVES!

When instead of blaming others, we strive to be better, do the best for ourselves and others, Allah SWT will support us and turn our situation around.

We must take the first steps; that my brothers and sisters is the test!

Think about it, why else do we fast and pray? Allah SWT is in need of nothing! No, these are the first steps prescribed for us, training ourselves towards success!

We must make the same effort in all areas of life, not just in matters of religion, and not just in Ramadan.

Islam is not just religion, it’s a WAY OF LIFE!


Shaykh Paul Salahuddin Armstrong
Director, KhilafahOnline

Don’t Be Promiscuous

Not from a source I’d normally share… but this is exceptionally good advice!

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Clip from Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth, where the great scholar of mythology compares the similarities between these great religious leaders, and how they were all forms of the hero’s journey.

Shocking video about a 12 year old boy in China

Shocking video about a 12 year old boy, who lost his dad, grandparents. The mum left and remarried, taking his younger brother with her. For 5 years since the age of only 7, he has been living by himself, finding whatever food he can to survive.

How can we even begin to understand? Those of us who are lucky enough to not have to guess where the next meal will come from, have a roof over our heads, and were looked after by our parents during childhood…

We should appreciate what we have more, understand what we need, what are desires, and the difference between them. We must never forget there are many of our brothers and sisters in our Human Family who are no where near as fortunate as ourselves, and do whatever we can to alleviate their suffering, opening the doors to a brighter future for everyone, especially children.

Awaken Inn

Consciousness Networking Event in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, 5. April, 2014.

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The rise of Takfiri movements has caused outrage all across traditionally majority Muslim regions of the world and elsewhere. Tariq Ramadan discusses this frightening phenomenon with Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Co-Director of the Association of British Muslims.

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QualiaSoup: Evolution

Superb little video explains the basics of Evolution, along with some of the many misconceptions about this greatly misunderstood subject.


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