We Need 21st Century Scholars!

“Time for reflection? Who is really representing the deen of Islam? Who is really working for the good of the Ummah (Human Family)? Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, warned us that we get the leaders we deserve. Which certainly makes sense, as leaders of all kinds, religious and political, emerge from and are supported by their communities. No one can lead or claim to be a leader in any sense of the word, without the support of their people. Isn’t it time therefore, we chose who to support and who not to, with a little more hikmah (wisdom)?”
~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong



2 thoughts on “We Need 21st Century Scholars!

  1. To achieve anything or to become a true Muslim, the first requirement is Knowledge. It is the responsibility of Scholars to educate people and it is the responsibility of people to not let everyone place “Allama”, “Mufti”, “Maulana”, “Molvi” or “Shaykh” title with his name.

    Muslims have to understand that they should not hurt their own selves and should not burn their own selves. They’ve to burn the hearts of those who are doing blasphemous acts. And the way to it is by acquiring knowledge, spreading knowledge and focussing on our selves instead of that one person whose name was never known to the world before we gave him importance.

    I am really sorry for such people as they commit sins and yet Allah keep them ignorant about their acts. They think they are doing right. If they ever come to know about the severeness of their sins, they would ask forgiveness and how can Allah not forgive anyone if he asks Him? But Allah do not let these people know the reality of their thoughts and actions.

    I wished to see at least 100 books of Holy Prophet (SAWAW)’s biography from Pakistan alone in response of this one film but I think that my wish will never be fulfilled.

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