Intelligent Disobedience: The True Path of Leadership?

Mohammed Abbasi

A Disobedient dog is disliked for being loyal to his nature as a dog – take the example of a guide dog helping his blind and deaf owner when crossing the road the dog sees a car the owner tugs and swears – the dog saves the owner who neither saw or heard the car – the dog was eyes and ears to his master and saved the master and now the master is in a bad mood and wants to get rid of the dog. The dog practiced ‘Intelligent Disobedience.’

Disobedience to a leader – who is blind and deaf – is our right and our responsibility – especially if that leader and those who he commands are going to be put in harms way. The Art of War teaches the philosophy of war for managing conflicts, winning battles as well as dealing with such leaders.

In a professional…

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