When you see black flags….

Daesh flag“When you see the black flags, remain where you are and do not move your hands or your feet (i.e. stay put and don’t get involved with them).

Thereafter there shall appear a feeble insignificant folk. Their hearts will be like fragments of iron.

They will have the state.

They will fulfill neither covenant nor agreement.

They will call to the truth, but they will not be people of the truth.

Their names will be parental attributions, and their aliases will be derived from towns.

Their hair will be free-flowing like that of women.

This situation will remain until they differ among themselves.

Thereafter, Allah will bring forth the truth through whomsoever He wills.”

~ Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah bless him)

Kitab Al Fitan (Book of Tribulations) by Nu’aym ibn Hammad

Introducing Darth Phone…

Darth Phone

Interview about the Robert Doggart case on RT’s In The Now

Statement on the UK General Election

Congratulations to David Cameron and the Conservatives in securing a majority in the UK General Election.

The British People have put their trust in you to run the country over the next 5 years.

Keeping this in mind, we look forward to seeing the government making good on their election promises to the British People.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong
Co-Director, The Association of British Muslims

First they came for the Jews…

First they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for the Yazidis
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Yazidi

Then they came for the Shi’a
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Shi’a

Then they came for the historical artifacts
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a historical artifact

Then they came for the Christians
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Christian

Then they came for the Zoroastrians
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Zoroastrian

Then they came for the Sufis
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Sufi

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

(Based on a poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller)


What have the Muslims ever done for us?


At an EDL meeting, in a darkened pub room with a very conspiratorial atmosphere. Greg and Stan are seated at a table at one end of the room. Frank, dressed in activist gear — a signature EDL hoody — is standing by a plan on the wall. He is addressing an audience of about eight ski masked activists. Their faces are partially hidden…

The coaches park up at this public car park here, we then march down this street just around the corner from the new megamosque… the police will probably try to stop us here, but if we are clever and not too pissed, we might be able to outwit them and march down Brewers Lane, right next to the new mosque. Having reached the site of the mosque, we inform those muzzies that they are in our country and forthwith issue our demands. Any questions?

What exactly are the demands?

We’re giving them two days to dismantle the entire mosque and if they don’t agree immediately we will put a pig’s head outside the door in the dead of night!

Cut a pig’s head off?

Cut all it’s bits off, send ’em to the mosque every hour on the hour… show him we’re not to be trifled with.

Also, we’re demanding a ten foot cartoon of the Prophet with a bomb in his turban.

What? They’ll never agree to that, Greg!

That’s just a bargaining counter. And of course, we point out that they bear full responsibility when we chop the pig up, and… that we shall not submit to Muzlamic Law.

(Applause) No Muzlamic rayguns!

They’ve bled us white, the bastards. They’ve taken everything we had, not just from us, from our fathers and from our fathers’ fathers.

And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers.


And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers’ fathers.

All right, Stan. Don’t labour the point. And what have they ever given us in return?

The kebab.

Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That’s true.

Masked Activist:
And soap, toothbrushes, perfume!

Oh yes… personal hygiene, Greg, you remember what people used to be like before, with all that bad B.O.

All right, I’ll grant you that kebabs and personal hygiene are two things that the Muslims have done…

And carpets…

(sharply) Well yes obviously the carpets… the carpets go without saying. But apart from kebabs, toiletries and carpet…

Another Masked Activist:

Other Masked Voices:
Algebra… Medicine… Astrolabes… Telescopes… Star charts… Education… Health… Optics… Maps… Water clocks… Arab horses… The scientific method… Advances in architecture… Evolution… Gardening…

Yes… all right, fair enough…

Activist Near Front:
And coffee…

Oh yes! True!

Yeah. That’s something we’d really miss if the Muslims left, Greg.

Masked Activist at Back:
Baths and showers!

And street lighting, it’s safe to walk in the streets at night now.

Yes, they certainly know how to make kebabs and drive us home safely at night… (general nodding)… let’s face it, they’re the only ones who could in a place like this.

(more general murmurs of agreement)

All right… all right… but apart from better personal hygiene and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and carpets and baths and algebra and architecture and science and gardening and kebabs and taxis… what have the Muslims ever done for us?

Brought peace!

(very angry, he’s not having a good meeting at all)

What!? Oh… (scornfully) Peace, yes… shut up!

In Memory of Dr Nazim Mahmood and Dr Priya Vedi

The Association of British Muslims (AoBM) remembers Dr Nazim Mahmood (UK) and Dr Priya Vedi (India) whose death brings to light grim attitudes grounded in religious and cultural perceptions. AoBM also lends support to Naz & Matt Foundation as Matthew Ogston walks a 130 mile distance in the memory of Dr Nazim Mahmood to raise awareness about religiously-motivated homophobia.

In the spirit of Islamic doctrine of free will, a core principle at the heart of AoBM is that people should be allowed to fashion their lives freely. Everyone is responsible for own actions on the Day of Judgement. AoBM appreciates that some people may have reservations about certain ways of living; however we advocate strongly the view that such disagreement gives no right to any of us to act in homophobic manner. We urge all communities to initiate and support a dialogue from within to further a better understanding of the issues related to sexuality – both culturally and religiously.

AoBM has always stood by the rights of the people irrespective of their caste, sexuality, colour and religion. In this spirit, we call upon the politicians contesting the general elections next month, to make a clear pledge in the memory of Dr Mahmood to outlaw all the remaining types of discrimination in the British society and further the anti-discrimination cause by tackling homophobia in all its forms, whatsoever and wheresoever in the UK. AoBM maintains that tackling forced marriages and domestic violence will assist in reducing homophobic tendencies.

While recognising other freedoms essential for a healthy society, AoBM also calls upon all segments of the government and the wider society to respect the freedom of expression which includes debating difficult theological issues surrounding sexuality and homophobia. The debate on these issues should remain open, frank and inclusive in letter and spirit with the aim of evolving a consensus rather than hegemony.

Zahid Ali Akbar, Human Rights Director, The Association of British Muslims



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