Autumn Hawkbit

Many people will probably regard Autumn Hawkbit as a weed, but they are most welcome in our garden.

The Hawkbits were already growing between the slabs at the back of our garden when we moved in 4 years ago. After ripping up most of the slabs, I decided to leave these along the side of the path.

I could rip them up and replace them with some garden plants, but what would provide superior colour this time of the year through till the frosts, be so awesome for pollinating insects, and require next to no attention.

Honestly, I rather like them. Unlike truly weedy plants, they mostly stay in this little area, are fairly compact and tidy, and easy enough to pull up when they do stray into parts of the garden where we don’t want them.

Sometimes it’s good to leave a bit of the garden to our native wildflowers. A weed is an unwanted plant, and wildflowers need not necessarily be weeds. Sometimes, they can be an asset to the garden if we choose the right ones and give them a chance.

Euroscola 1996

Wow… this takes me back! I was sorting through some old files today, and found my Euroscola certificate from 1996, along with some local newspaper cuttings that covered our group’s visit to the European Parliament. Interesting to reflect on this in light of recent developments.