Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, dua 25 By Imam Ali ibn Al-Husayn (Zayn Al-Abidin) (as)Recited by Hussain Ghareeb Prayer for his Children O God,be kind to me throughthe survival of my children,setting them right for me,and allowing me to enjoy them! My God,make long their lives for me,increase their terms,bring up the smallest for me,strengthen the weakest for me,rectify for metheir…Read more Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, dua 25

Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a very blessed and merry Christmas. 🎉🎄🎅

Speak Goodness

On the authority of Abū Shurayh al-‘Adawi, who said: I heard with my own two ears and saw with my own two eyes, the Prophet ﷺ saying, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day must honour his neighbour. Moreover, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day must honour his guest with the required…Read more Speak Goodness

Sohbet: Surah Asr

By Shaykh Muhammad Adil [03/12/20] “There are many Surahs in the Holy Qur’an and all of them are beautiful, there is one particular Surah that is short, yet it tells and explains to people, to Muslims what to do.  Those who follow these suggestions reach felicity, it is Surah Asr. Allah ﷻ swears that, ‘All…Read more Sohbet: Surah Asr

The Man who designed the Two Holy Mosques

He was an Egyptian engineer and architect who preferred to be away from public limelights, unknown to many: Dr. Muhammad Kamal Isma'eel (1908-2008) He was the youngest person in the history of Egypt to obtain high school (certificate), the youngest to get enrolled in the first Royal School of Engineering and the youngest to graduate…Read more The Man who designed the Two Holy Mosques