Bring Something From Yourself

“In our time, we may say that the scholars, 'ulama, who came before our time were stronger than we are; they could understand more than we do. Yes, it is so. Therefore, our writers or thinkers can do only a translation from their books, changing some words and giving them back to us. They are…Read more Bring Something From Yourself

Paradise is not Far

The Main Goal

“The main goal of Islam and of Sufi Paths, especially the Naqshbandi Path, is to bring people back to themselves, to teach them to stop fleeing from their own shadows and from chasing mirages. When they turn to themselves they may find everything present in themselves, even the whole universe, and they may receive endless…Read more The Main Goal

On One Point The Matter Ends

By Bulleh Shah On one point the matter ends Catch the point, drop the academe Push away divisions which blaspheme Cast off hell, the grave, chastisement extreme Cleanse out the heart’s every dream Into this house everything descends On one point the matter ends For nothing we rub foreheads on the ground Then show off…Read more On One Point The Matter Ends