Rosh Hashanah 5782 (2021)

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends. May Hashem, Allah ﷻ, bless you, your families, and communities at this special time and grant us all a blessed and prosperous year. Amin. 🤲🏻

Islam in the UK and Global Solidarity

For anyone who missed today's Ceramah Virtual Ramadhan 1442H/2021 with myself discussing, “Islam in the UK and Global Solidarity" this is the recording at KBRI London TV: Recorded live on 1st May 2021

Spring 2021: A Unique Time Of Shared Holy Months

Salam alaikum, peace be upon you. I hope everyone is well who is reading this post, may Allah ﷻ bless you and your families. We are currently in the holy month of Rajab, one of 3 holy months in the Muslim calendar that follow each other. Rajab is followed by Shaban, which opens the way…Read more Spring 2021: A Unique Time Of Shared Holy Months

Does Islam Really Forbid Interfaith Marriages?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong The Quran doesn't actually prohibit women from marrying anyone of other faiths. The only ayah from the Quran that can be used to back up what is in many communities the traditional position on interfaith marriages is 2:221, but that only says not to marry off “your women” to “mushrikeen”, i.e.…Read more Does Islam Really Forbid Interfaith Marriages?

Genesis and the Tao

Genesis and the Tao, compare with: "The Tao expresses one, One manifests as two, Two is transformed into three. And three generates all the myriad entities of the universe. Every entity always returns to yin after engaging yang. The fusion of these two opposites births the vital energy that sustains the harmony of life." ~…Read more Genesis and the Tao

Darlaston Community Festival 2016

A one-day festival for the whole community will be taking place at All Saints Church on Saturday 21 May as part of a celebration of local cultures.   During the run up to the festival individual visits have been taking place at grassroots community organisations and places of worship throughout the town as part of…Read more Darlaston Community Festival 2016

Frithjof Schuon: Understand each Religion from its own Perspective