Sincerity is Everything

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Religion is sincerity [nasīhah]” and emphasised this three times on an occasion reported in a famous hadith. Why is this so important? Well, intentions are at the basis of everything we do. Every action is the result of an intention. So we should check our intentions, as indeed our religion teaches…Read more Sincerity is Everything

Blessed Warning

Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said, “One who warns you is like one who gives you good tidings.” Warnings give you the opportunity to prepare yourself in the face of danger and to insha Allah avert it. So warnings are a blessing, whereas headlessness inevitably leads to disaster. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Four Qualities

On the authority of ‘Abdullah b. ‘Amr, that the Messenger of Allah said, “There are four qualities such that, if you have them, it will not harm you to be deprived of anything in the world: (1) safeguarding trusts,(2) truthfulness in speech,(3) good character and(4) purity of livelihood.” Aḥmad (Mishkāt, Book of Softening the Hearts,…Read more Four Qualities

Indonesian Community Iftar 23.04.2022

Speech at the Indonesian Community Iftar I was hosting at the University of Birmingham Multi-Faith Chaplaincy on what my role is at the university and my background.

Ramadan Mubarak 🌙

Wishing everyone a very blessed and enlightening Ramadan. May Allah ﷻ grant that the blessings of this holy month reach everyone in our Human Family, grant us good health, forgive us our sins, send us heavenly inspirations and illuminate our hearts with Divine Light and Love. Allahumma salli ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala ali sayyidina…Read more Ramadan Mubarak 🌙

Christmas Reflections Part 2 – 30.12.2021

Salam alaikum! 🙏🏻 “Truly those Believers in this message, as well as the Jews, the Christians, and the Sabeans, whoever believes in God and in the Last Day and does righteous deeds will have their reward from their Lord, and will not have fear, nor will they grieve.”~ Holy Quran 2:62 (Safi Kaskas) On the…Read more Christmas Reflections Part 2 – 30.12.2021

Character of the Companions

On the authority of ‘Abd al-Raḥmān, who said: The Companions of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ were neither dry-natured nor morbid. They would chant poetry to each other in their gatherings, and mention some of the matters of their Days of Ignorance [Jāhiliyyah]. However, if any of them was asked to do something against the…Read more Character of the Companions

Religion is Sincerity

On the authority of Tamīm al-Dārī that the Prophet ﷺ said, “Religion is sincerity [nasīhah]” three times. We asked, “To whom?” He replied, “To Allah, to His Book, to His Messenger, to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.”Muslim (Mishkāt, Hadīth no. 4966).

When Do You Remember God?

Do you only turn to God in times of crisis, when things are not going well in your life? Almost everyone turns to God during those troubled times… God loves it when we remember Him in the good times too. 🙏🏻☺️ Allahumma salli ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala ali sayyidina Muhammadin wa barik wa sallim.