Friday Reflections 18.11.2022

Salam alaikum and Jummah Mubarak! I read about Concepts that Undermine Peace, from Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah's book, “The Path of Peace: A Vision for a Peaceful World” (2022), pages 18-29. May Allah ﷻ grant us a better and more profound understanding of Islam and to be among the peacemakers. Amin. 🤲🏻 Recorded live…Read more Friday Reflections 18.11.2022

Friday Reflections 15.07.2022

Salam alaikum and Jummah Mubarak! I continue reading from where we left off last week in Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah's book, “The Path of Peace: A Vision for a Peaceful World” (2022), pages 10-18, where the Shaykh discusses Islam's Historical Contribution to Peace. May Allah ﷻ grant us that we transcend our egos, keep patience,…Read more Friday Reflections 15.07.2022

Pray for Ukraine

“…do not be aggressors, for God does not love aggressors.”~ Holy Quran 2:190 (Safi Kaskas) This Friday, pray for Ukraine, for the safety of the people of Ukraine, a return to peace, and that our Human Family learns to resolve our differences without resorting to barbaric ways of the past.

Pope Francis visited Mosul Earlier today, Pope Francis visited Mosul in Iraq, where he lead prayers for Iraq’s war victims on the third day of his historic tour of Iraq. Before his prayer, the Pope shared his own thoughts, centred on three main ideas: “If God is the God of life – for so He is – then…Read more Pope Francis visited Mosul

Peace Be Upon You 🕊️

The main greeting of messengers of God in the Abrahamic religions is: Moses: Shalom aleichemJesus: Shlomo aleykhunMuhammad: Salam alaikum All mean “peace be upon you”, so isn't it time we spread peace? Isn't that what Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and all the messengers of God, would like us to do? There are of course differences between…Read more Peace Be Upon You 🕊️

A Peaceful Dialogue with Governor Ridwan Kamil A short video overview of our event, "A Peaceful Dialogue with Governor Ridwan Kamil of West Java, Indonesia" held in Manchester on 23rd July 2019, jointly organised by The Association of British Muslims and British Institute of Peace.