Blessed Warning

Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said, “One who warns you is like one who gives you good tidings.” Warnings give you the opportunity to prepare yourself in the face of danger and to insha Allah avert it. So warnings are a blessing, whereas headlessness inevitably leads to disaster. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Good Leaders Respect

A good leader listens to people and reflects on their ideas. If useful they may adopt some of these ideas. They don't feel threatened by people questioning them or from there being a diversity of ideas, practices, etc. A bad leader demands everyone follows them exactly, without question. They only listen to themselves or their…Read more Good Leaders Respect

The World Stands On Three Things

Simeon the Just was of the survivors of the Great Synagogue. He used to say: - Upon three things the world standeth; upon Torah, upon Worship and upon the showing of kindness. Torah signifies divine revelation; either the fact of communion between God and man, or the wisdom so imparted. Though to Israel alone the…Read more The World Stands On Three Things

The Trial Never Ends

I was watching the new episode of Picard, John de Lancie as Q certainly makes an impressive entrance. Q’s words remind me of the words, in the Quran, “… We test you with evil and with good as a trial and to Us you will all return.” (21:35). Very thought provoking.

Leaders Reflect Their People

“As you will be, so will be the leaders appointed over you.”~ Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Bayhaqi (Mishkat, Chapter on Leadership, Hadith no. 3717). Leaders come from the same people and culture as everyone else in society. So, if we want better leaders we need to work on ourselves, try to attain good character and moral…Read more Leaders Reflect Their People

Learning and Thinking

“Learning without thinking leads to a lost mind without any real knowledge, while thinking without learning often results in confusion.” ~ Confucius Learning and thinking go hand in hand, we can't effectively do one without the other. To be successful at one requires the other. You won't learn much if you don't maintain an open…Read more Learning and Thinking


Speak few words, but say them with quietude and sincerity,and they will be long lasting,for a raging wind cannot blow all morning, nor a sudden rainstorm last throughout the day. Why is this so?Because it is the nature of the sky and the earth to be frugal.Even human beings cannot alter this naturewithout suffering the…Read more Sincerity

Was anyone 1,000 years ago as smart as someone with average intelligence today?

By Joel ReidPhysics Teacher, BSci, DipEd in Applied Chemistry, Curtin University of Technology Perth WA I was teaching a science class in the Australian desert and the class was quietly working (it was a nice class). I looked out the window and I commented to no one in particular, “Looks like there will be a…Read more Was anyone 1,000 years ago as smart as someone with average intelligence today?