Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“The most humble knowledge is that which remains on the tongue and the most honourable one is that which manifests itself through (the action of) the limbs and organs of the body.” ~ Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib

Weekly Sohbet and Dhikr 01.04.2021

Salam alaikum. 🙏🏻 In this week's sohbet I discuss different types of knowledge and the importance of wisdom. Followed by the traditional weekly dhikr/meditation of the Naqshbandi tariqat. 🧙‍♂️📿💓 Recorded live on 1 April 2021

The Quran is a Living Message

“I am often reminded of Ibn Khaldun, who said, ‘[Deliberately] following ancient customs and traditions [of a faith] does not mean that the dead are living, but that the living are dead.’ I believe that the Qur'an is a living message that applies to my circumstances in today's world, and therefore, given to humankind for…Read more The Quran is a Living Message

Li Bai: The Sword

“Last year we were fighting out to the North beyond the Great Wall, and this year we’re fighting far out in the West on the Kashgar river. We’ve washed our blades in the streams of Parthia, and grazed our horses amid the snows of Tian Shan. But the beacon fires are always burning. The marching…Read more Li Bai: The Sword