Profit and Wealth in Islam

The Quran has several verses that address the issue of profit and wealth. In general, the Quran views wealth as a blessing from Allah ﷻ and encourages individuals to use their wealth in a responsible and ethical manner. In the Quran, Allah ﷻ teaches that wealth should be acquired through lawful means and used to…Read more Profit and Wealth in Islam

Logic in the Quran

“Will they not, at least, try to understand this Qur’an? If it had been from anyone but God, they would have found many inconsistencies in it.”~ Holy Quran 4:82 (Safi Kaskas)

God’s Abundant Favours

Allah ﷻ showers abundant favours upon humanity, yet some argue with ignorance, without any guidance, knowledge, or enlightening scripture. Allah ﷻ menghujani umat manusia dengan nikmat yang melimpah, namun sebagian berdebat dengan ketidaktahuan, tanpa petunjuk, pengetahuan, atau kitab suci yang mencerahkan.

A New Reading of Islam

Basic rights are required for a human being to embrace and practice Islam. You can't force anyone to become a Muslim, nor can you force anyone to remain a Muslim against his/her will. The most fundamental principle in the Qur’an, as I understand it, is freedom. As a result of the gift of consciousness, God…Read more A New Reading of Islam