Jesus Christ: Love your Enemies

One of the greatest tests in life is how we choose to react to what people do to us, or what they say about us… We can’t change that, but we can change how we choose to react to it.


Shaykh Nazim: On Peace and Sowing Wildness

“We pray for a peaceful world, for all the burning fires to be extinguished, from East to West. But the walls of alienation have become so formidable that no nation can even consider real closeness or cooperation with another. Familiarity is imprisoned and wildness and alienation are spreading day by day so quickly that unless that current can be stemmed soon, it will sweep away the whole world. That wildness current is gushing forth, and no dams that we may erect can contain it, as man only reaps what he sows. Man is sowing wildness, and so he must reap wildness, not familiarity and friendship. This current has swept over every level of human interaction; it has covered the Earth. What should be the result? According to tradition mankind will eat itself up in a spree of violence until Divine Intervention calls a halt to that raging fire.”

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

(Mercy Oceans Divine Sources – 1983)