Eid ul Fitri 31.05.2020

Eid ul Fitri with Ustadh Ihya Ulumudin in West Java, Indonesia. Apologies about the video quality in some parts; the internet connection in Ustadh Ihya's village was a bit temperamental today. https://youtu.be/Q-R_ox5NSGU

COVID19: Social Distancing

https://youtu.be/pywTAUHdJPU Please stay at home, avoid unnecessarily going out, and take extra care during this coronavirus outbreak. While these measures may be inconvenient for many people, without them older and vulnerable people will suffer. May Allah SWT forgive everyone, keep us all in good health, and protect us all. Allahumma salli ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa…Read more COVID19: Social Distancing

A Peaceful Dialogue with Governor Ridwan Kamil

https://youtu.be/OiSMkWKlKEY A short video overview of our event, "A Peaceful Dialogue with Governor Ridwan Kamil of West Java, Indonesia" held in Manchester on 23rd July 2019, jointly organised by The Association of British Muslims and British Institute of Peace.

Is Thinking Haram?

Presenting 23 verses from the Holy Quran at the New Horizons in British Islam Conference 2018, that encourage us to think things through for ourselves, and not to blindly follow anything we hear or read without checking things out, and using our brains. https://youtu.be/ojwNqyYDwFw

United Vision, United Future

There are over one million people in the UK who identify as British and Muslim. We are all different. But we all share an identity. https://youtu.be/BWZXtiU8h0M

Khurrum Mahmood, US Visa, BBC Midlands Today 18/12/2017

On last night's BBC Midland's Today, discussing our concern at The Association of British Muslims that British Muslims like Khurrum Mahmood being denied entry to the United States, even though they have already got a visa or ESTA. Mohammed Abbasi and I are planning to meet with staff at the US Embassy in London in…Read more Khurrum Mahmood, US Visa, BBC Midlands Today 18/12/2017


London has been attacked as Manchester was before it. The United Kingdom yet again has been targeted by an ideology that has is responsible for similar atrocities around the world most recently in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in the Philippines. We are thankful for the police and emergency services for their immediate responses to protect…Read more STATEMENT BY AOBM ON LONDON TERROR ATTACKS

Daesh and Orlando

https://youtu.be/LBLyhdYOSIc Thousands of people gathered in London’s Soho district on Monday 13th June 2016 to hold a vigil for the 49 people killed by the terrorist Omar Mateen in Orlando, Florida. The Association of British Muslims was proud to be among those paying their respects. We watched in silence as 49 balloons rose into the…Read more Daesh and Orlando