Humility and God’s Infinite Grace

By Yunus Emre I am called by these folk ‘Sufi’ and I’ll use my rosaryceaselessly...the wisdom my tongue speaks my heart won’t accepteasily.Although I’m allowed to spread the Word, a lie is my piety;what I care for is in another place, the Path I cannotsee!Wise may be my words but a mere cloak for show…Read more Humility and God’s Infinite Grace

Sufism: Knowledge and Wisdom

Yunus Emre’s early interactions with the man who would become his Shaykh. He had the best education money could buy at the time, so what was he looking for in a simple wall builder, like Taptuk Emre? This reminds me of when I sat with my teacher Shaykh Sufi Abdullah, seeking to be his student.…Read more Sufism: Knowledge and Wisdom

Friday Reflections 11.09.2020

Many people ask me about Islam in Britain and about British Muslims, so today I discuss some early history of British Muslims from the 16th and 17th Centuries CE, referring to a truly fascinating book “Islam in Britain, 1558–1685” by Nabil Matar. If only this history was more widely known, it shatters the us versus…Read more Friday Reflections 11.09.2020

What You Really Wear Is In Your Heart

Ertugrul receives a blessed shirt from Ibn Arabi in series 2, episode 25 of the famous TRT Turkish historical drama. Video credit: TRT

First Friday prayers at Hagia Sophia in 86 years

The full khutbah (sermon) and Friday prayers from the opening of the Hagia Sophia Mosque after 86 years. The khutbah was delivered by Ali Erbas, the head of the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

Have Muslims neglected and allowed the Deen to fall into disrepair?

Is this true? Have Muslims neglected the deen, allowing it to fall into disrepair, placing Muslims around the world at a disadvantage to people of other faiths? If so, what are we going to do to put this right? Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara…

Sorry, but these people on the Mavi Marmara don't look like peaceful protesters, or humanitarian aid workers... Indeed, I'd prefer humanitarian aid from the Israelis than these people! I'm not saying everyone in the flotilla was like this, but it appears there were at least some who were very violent and couldn't wait to attack…Read more Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara…