Sufism: Knowledge and Wisdom

Yunus Emre’s early interactions with the man who would become his Shaykh. He had the best education money could buy at the time, so what was he looking for in a simple wall builder, like Taptuk Emre?

This reminds me of when I sat with my teacher Shaykh Sufi Abdullah, seeking to be his student. He asked me, “Why? What do you see in a factory wallah like me, that could possibly benefit you?” I said something about him reminded me of what I read about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Sufi Abdullah kept me waiting for quite a while before, finally accepting me as one of his students.

If you want to memorise Quran and hadiths, there are many madrassahs that can teach this, to memorise… But this isn’t what tariqat teaches. Tariqat, the Sufi path, teaches you how to learn, how to understand, how to live with a heart filled with love and compassion, while guided by wisdom. On the one hand memorisation, on the other, understanding.

May Allah ﷻ bless, forgive, and guide us all. Amin. 🤲🏻

Video footage taken from Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu by TRT.

One thought on “Sufism: Knowledge and Wisdom

  1. Sufism, mostly referred to as a way of life, encompasses certain mysticism within it. To be a true human being, free from all bondages and honest with the Almighty is being a Sufi. Sufism is all about learning how to be a complete person, who exists in total harmony with the Universal Consciousness, who has surrendered his will completely to the will of the God and has merged his identity with that of God. Sufism is thus a matter of conduct. It concerns with one’s conduct and is a matter of practice. It is difficult to explain Sufism theoretically but can only be understood.

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