Epictetus: Being Grounded


Epictetus: Concerning Reason

Is Thinking Haram?

Presenting 23 verses from the Holy Quran at the New Horizons in British Islam Conference 2018, that encourage us to think things through for ourselves, and not to blindly follow anything we hear or read without checking things out, and using our brains. https://youtu.be/ojwNqyYDwFw

On Poppies and Imitating Non-Muslims…

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Apparently, according to some guy called Abu Baraa, wearing poppies is imitating "non-muslims" like Jews and Christians. "There has even been a campaign recently pushing Muslims to wear ‘poppy hijabs’ and similar clothing. This is worrying not only because of the dangers of imitating non-muslims in their, religious clothes, commemorations, their…Read more On Poppies and Imitating Non-Muslims…