Mac McKinney wanted to blow up a mosque, this is his story…


Sunni/Sufi vs Salafi approaches to Heaven

A comparison of the classical Sunni and Sufi approach to Heaven and Hell, versus the Salafi approach, that has sadly infiltrated the hearts and minds of a number of otherwise mainstream Muslims in our time. Consider, which of these makes more sense? Which is more in keeping with the Divine Rahmah (Compassion) of Allah?

AoBM Statement on the Orlando Attack

The Creator does not tell us to hate, let alone harm, anyone because of their differences to us. We have all been created by the same Merciful and Gracious Creator. We cannot but condemn this attack on the innocent people of Orlando, Florida. LGBTQ people are too often targets of violence. Our deepest condolences to the loved…Read more AoBM Statement on the Orlando Attack

Said Nursi on Discussing Ambiguous Hadith

“It is not permissible to discuss ambiguous hadiths among the ordinary people, and to show off and justify oneself like a lawyer, relying on egotism to support ones arguments rather than on truth and right. The question being broached and argued about is having an adverse effect on the minds of the poor ordinary people.…Read more Said Nursi on Discussing Ambiguous Hadith