Making The Oceans Sweet 🌹


Pray for Humanity 🙏❤️

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahīm Allāhumma-slih ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-rham ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-stur ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-ghfir li ummati Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-hfaz ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-nsur ummata Muhammad (SAW) Yā Arhama 'r-Rāhimīn, arhamnā. Yā Arhama 'r-Rāhimīn, fa'fū 'annā. Yā Arhama 'r-Rāhimīn, ya Ghaffāra dh-dhunūb, yā Sattāra 'l-uyyūb, yā Fattaha 'l-qulūb. Allāhumma-sqina 'l-ghaytha suqyā rahmatin wa lā…Read more Pray for Humanity 🙏❤️


We are ONE HUMAN FAMILY; this is so obvious it really shouldn't need pointing out, but bigotry and racism are still common in our world.

Will we wake up before we destroy ourselves?

As global tensions increase once more, I reflect on Carl Sagan's words.

Earth is a dream…