Try not to Hate

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ‘Adil Al-Haqqani

Sohbat, 25 September 1989

It is the horizon of humanity, a person reaching to highest position of humanity, then that hate goes from him. Under (that horizon) it always that people hating, loving, fighting, coming in peace – so many things. But real wisdom from old nations, from old wise men that coming to ourselves, and whole Prophets, they’re advising not to hate from anyone.

That is true. But something that it is an obligatory on every person not to do, something, for that reason people hating from him. It is important not to make yourself to be hated. This is normal for everyone. But big man, wise man, he knows that it is so difficult for everyone not to do something and for that cause [reason] he should be hated, even though they [wise men] are not hating. They are looking to hated people and they are saying – they are ill ones, ill people. Doctor, he is looking after so many ill people. If you are looking by their outlooking [appearance], you must run away. But doctor must come and catch his hand, her hand, and he must look through his eyes, through his mouth, must look on wound, everything. He must not escape. Because he is doctor he’s not hating. He’s coming, looking for treatment.

But other people, they are escaping [running away] because they are not doctors. And so many bad characteristics for mankind. Wise people coming nearer and not hating from them. Perhaps making like this – “Oh you are good one, you must not do this so that people not to hate from yourself.” He must look after him to save him from that hatred. But they are only few ones whom they are reaching to the horizon of humanity. And others they must hate. They are going to hate. But he must try not to hate. And there is a reward from the Lord Almighty Allah if we are not hating for His servants. Then He is granting to ourselves, familiarity. We should be with everyone happy. No one disturbing ourselves. But hating people everywhere going, everyone disturbing him – like thorns because he is hating from so many people. When hating, as a thorn coming to him. But a person, if not hating from people, he is in a rose garden. But the second one – through thorn field.

Therefore, Rumi – Rumi you know him, big Islamic sufi, Jalaluddin Rumi, famous philosopher, as you are saying? Rumi – in Konya big tomb, big visiting for him. He has too many books, Mathnawi. A big spiritual master for whirling dervish. You know whirling dervish? A king-size spiritual master in Islamic world. He was saying, “O my friend, if you’re hating people, you are like a person sitting in a thorn garden, in a thorn field. If you are loving people – giving love to everyone, taking love from everyone. And everywhere you may go, and you are giving love to people, they are giving their love to you. And everywhere you can find a rose garden. You may choose for yourself to be in a thorn field or in a rose garden.” People taking hate also.

He’s professor sociology. Prof. Ahmad, Dr. Ahmad. He knows on that point more than me. It is all right what we are saying? It is true? It is true. He’s saying about himself also it is true that he knows more than me. It is true what I am saying? Logical.

And men [are] in need [of] familiarity. Familiarity brings love. Love brings respect. Respect brings peace. Peace brings satisfaction. And when you are satisfied, quickly going to be through unity oceans with Lord, unity oceans with everything. No one going to be unfamiliar to you. Everything familiar to you. Everything lovely to you. Everything perfect to you. That is all old wisdoms that used by old nations. And it is in Chinese culture also. Old wisdoms saying what we are saying. Because realities and wisdoms never going to be changed, never going to be old. Always new and always life-full and brightened.

Yes, Sheikh Ahmed? It is all right? Understanding, Sheikh Abdul Qadir? Mr Sou, all right?

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