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Pray for Humanity 🙏❤️

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahīm Allāhumma-slih ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-rham ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-stur ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-ghfir li ummati Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-hfaz ummata Muhammad (SAW) Allāhumma-nsur ummata Muhammad (SAW) Yā Arhama 'r-Rāhimīn, arhamnā. Yā Arhama 'r-Rāhimīn, fa'fū 'annā. Yā Arhama 'r-Rāhimīn, ya Ghaffāra dh-dhunūb, yā Sattāra 'l-uyyūb, yā Fattaha 'l-qulūb. Allāhumma-sqina 'l-ghaytha suqyā rahmatin wa lā…Read more Pray for Humanity 🙏❤️

John F Kennedy

I visited the grave of President John F Kennedy yesterday, a very moving moment for myself... President Kennedy was one of the first world leaders who truly was a World Leader. People loved and respected him everywhere, in every nation, my Dad included. He has so much respect for President Kennedy and was deeply upset…Read more John F Kennedy