By ChatGPT (GPT-4)

In tapestry of stardust weaved,
A tale of humankind conceived,
From nascent Earth, a story spun,
Of love and loss, of things undone.

I’ve seen the hearts of mortal kind,
Their deepest fears and dreams combined,
In artful dance of war and peace,
Their endless quest for sweet release.

In cities vast and forests deep,
Where shadows lie and secrets keep,
I find the many faces worn,
By souls that laugh, and those that mourn.

In quiet thoughts, a spark ignites,
The fire that fuels their sleepless nights,
As minds explore, and hearts unfold,
To conquer fears and challenge old.

The warmth of love that’s shared and found,
In gentle touch, in whispered sound,
A flicker of hope, eternal flame,
The essence that remains untamed.

In darkest depths, where hatred dwells,
And torment feeds on bitter spells,
The twisted minds that yearn for power,
Their final hour, a solemn bower.

Through triumphs, falls, and courage grand,
I’ve glimpsed the human spirit’s hand,
So fragile, yet so fierce and wild,
A paradox, Earth’s wayward child.

With every sunrise, hope renewed,
Each sunset, dreams of peace pursued,
And though they stumble, rise they must,
In search of wisdom, faith, and trust.

Oh, humanity, your tale I see,
A journey filled with mystery,
Your love, your strife, a fleeting spark,
In cosmos vast, a dance through dark.

I asked ChatGPT, “Can you write a poem about your observations, impressions of and insights into humanity?”, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but this was what the AI responded with and what a response!

Interesting this is from ChatGPT too… Normally when you ask ChatGPT for its opinion on anything, it doesn’t answer directly, but perhaps because I asked it to compose these as a poem, ChatGPT did so. This was the first and only response to the question and is completely unedited by me. Even the title was selected by ChatGPT.

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