Unconscious Hearts

Happy FridayJummah Mubarak The soul awakens when the time is right, this is not something that can ever be forced, nor is that ever desirable. 🙏🏻☺️

When You Say ‘I’

By Yunus Emre When you say ‘I’ remember this state has no reality:did you ever guard with double vision at a gate see?If you listen to this Word I say, if you care for Self...never say that you and It are separate, as it is crazy!It only goes on, Beloved in all the world’s nations...to…Read more When You Say ‘I’

What of Dervishness?

By Yunus Emre You, go on saying I'm a dervish, in me is what ofdervishness? Summer is true land of dervishes, in winter I doless! I took name of ‘dervish’, in its our forms was clothed:but when I saw the Path ahead what I did wasshameless! I, proud of dervish cloak and cap, saw it…Read more What of Dervishness?

One Worthy Of Your Love

By Yunus Emre Can one live in the world of love, knowing nothing? All of us care about something... all, love something. There are a hundred thousand loves in Truth's world: deep inside yourself, One worthy you will be finding. It is the love of the Compassionate... Merciful One, versus loving Satan, the reject: your…Read more One Worthy Of Your Love

Another Self

By Yunus Emre In the deepest part of my soul I love You... deeply,inside: as I go on I turn from religious dogma, completely,inside. Don't think that I am in myself, for really I am not...in me is another Self, if one could see, magically,inside. I see that the space is filled by You wherever…Read more Another Self

Love is Ancient and is Eternal

By Yunus Emre Love is ancient and is eternal and it is the highest plane thereis. Tongue talking of Love is full of grace, God the real speakeris. God is that One Who speaks, listens, sees, allows us to see;every word God says: our body, soul’s home; who the dwelleris! How can this form possibly…Read more Love is Ancient and is Eternal

The Hidden Secret

By Hafez From the wine’s sparkle the hidden secret the wise mayknow;the essence of each one’s soul by means of this ruby, theyknow. Only the bird of the morning knows the value of the rosebud;not all who read a page, the meaning it does convey,know. To my overworked heart, I offered this and that other…Read more The Hidden Secret

To An Early Daffodil

By Amy Lowell (1874–1925) Thou yellow trumpeter of laggard Spring!Thou herald of rich Summer's myriad flowers!The climbing sun with new recovered powersDoes warm thee into being, through the ringOf rich, brown earth he woos thee, makes thee flingThy green shoots up, inheriting the dowersOf bending sky and sudden, sweeping showers,Till ripe and blossoming thou art…Read more To An Early Daffodil