Love is Ancient and is Eternal

By Yunus Emre

Love is ancient and is eternal and it is the highest plane there

Tongue talking of Love is full of grace, God the real speaker

God is that One Who speaks, listens, sees, allows us to see;
every word God says: our body, soul’s home; who the dweller

How can this form possibly find words and master language?
God let the body talk and to tongue the gift of a wise speaker

It is our duty to speak and to speak is joyful and intoxicating:
that which we drank and made us drunk, love’s sweet water

God owns all we say, as God speaks and all words are His:
we are God’s and God is ours; tongue, another worshipper

In what Yunus says are no lies, even if you don’t accept God:
if in the dark life’s tossed away, one, of divine wisdom a loser

Translated by Paul Smith

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