When You Say ‘I’

By Yunus Emre

When you say ‘I’ remember this state has no reality:
did you ever guard with double vision at a gate see?
If you listen to this Word I say, if you care for Self…
never say that you and It are separate, as it is crazy!
It only goes on, Beloved in all the world’s nations…
to separate Love from the Beloved is not in Destiny.
Give up infidelity but don’t hurt faith you now take:
enemy to us is hostility, not a stranger, not friendly.
Word’s message brought to you is cut short, shorter:
choose for you sainthood, more than mere maturity?
Master, what Solomon knew, language of the birds:
master, listen, what I tell you isn’t breath… empty!
Yunus and Taptuk talk joy, not looking left or right:
know that good and not evil are us lovers of Reality.

Translated by Paul Smith.

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