One Worthy Of Your Love

By Yunus Emre

Can one live in the world of love, knowing nothing? All of us care about something… all, love something. There are a hundred thousand loves in Truth’s world: deep inside yourself, One worthy you will be finding. It is the love of the Compassionate… Merciful One, versus loving Satan, the reject: your love, is deciding. The Prophet Mohammed was in love, in here, and he had as a witness Gabriel: the Creator he was loving. His close companions were Umar, Uthman and ‘Ali: the greatest, Abu Bakr; truth he was always telling. While journeying to Heaven, Mohammed… joy of Creation, he asked God his followers to be blessing. Yunus, there is one truth you’ve been given: it’d be a shame if like before you saw all, you were now seeing.

Translated by Paul Smith.

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