Extremism to Humility

Shaykh Manwar Ali (Abu Muntasir) is an Islamic scholar who was directly involved in jihad. For fifteen years he radicalised, recruited, fundraiser, and fought in Afghanistan, Kashmir and Burma. Today Shaykh Manwar teaches Islam to restore balance, enhance common values, and address issues of extremism through education, engagement, and discussion.

Frank Meeink was one of the most well-known skinhead gang members in the US. He spoke for neo-Nazi topics, and regularly recruited members in his neighbourhood to join his skinhead gang. Frank spent several years in prison for kidnapping one man and beating another. Franks life inspired the film American History X. Frank like the film’s main character, Derek, (played by Edward Norton), was a Neo-Nazi skinhead. Frank Meenik left the Neo-Nazi skinhead movement and now lectures against it and all forms of hate.
Both Shaykh Manwar and Frank Meenik will discuss their lives and paths and who they are today.

Participants will be able to ask them questions and engage with them in a discussion if they wish.

Recorded live at 4.15PM London time on Thursday, 11th March, 2021.

The Association of British Muslims

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