Is it haram to wear Nike shoes?

Question: I have heard it is haram to wear Nike clothing and shoes, because the company is named after a Greek idol.  I was told by one brother that there's a Hadith that narrates about a sahabi who had converted from Christianity to Islam, and still wore a cross, then Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told the…Read more Is it haram to wear Nike shoes?


Ibn Arabi, The Religion Of Love

United Vision, United Future

There are over one million people in the UK who identify as British and Muslim. We are all different. But we all share an identity.

Stephen Hawking RIP

With the passing of Stephen Hawking, our Human Family has lost one of the greatest minds of our time. Those who have used his passing to have stupid infantile debates on whether atheists go to heaven or hell ought to be deeply ashamed of themselves. Do they really think this is what God or His…Read more Stephen Hawking RIP