We are saddened to see the rise in cases of British citizens, who are or appear to be Muslims, arbitrarily being denied entry to the United States of America. Often after having already been cleared through the ESTA process.

In this, the most recent case, Khurrum Mahmood has been working with the United States Department Of State Counter Terrorism projects in Nigeria, where he narrowly escaped with his life in a Boko Haram attack that killed over 250 people.

We acknowledge and respect the right of nations to determine who they admit. We request however, that if there is a change in policy affecting British Muslims, that this be communicated to us as a matter of urgency, so we can let our members, networks and supporters know. This will enable us to go through the appropiate visa processes or make alternative arrangements.

Many British Muslims are concerned that they appear to be randomly selected and refused entry, that can result in the loss of several thousands of pounds. There is concern British Muslims are being discriminated against and unduly penalised.

The Association of British Muslims will be seeking to meet with the United States authorities in the United Kingdom to address the concerns of British Muslims, and to establish how these unfortunate situations can be avoided in future.


Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

The Association of British Muslims




London has been attacked as Manchester was before it.

The United Kingdom yet again has been targeted by an ideology that has is responsible for similar atrocities around the world most recently in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in the Philippines.

We are thankful for the police and emergency services for their immediate responses to protect Londoners and confront these violent criminals.

As British Muslims in this the month of Ramadan many of us finished our fasts and were praying but these three terrorists were causing death and suffering.

Understand that these terrorists act on an ideology that seeks to impose an extreme brand of politicalised religion of what it calls Islam worldwide.

This is not the Islam followed by Muslims worldwide and never will – this is a poison that needs to be challenged by all right thinking human beings whatever their background.

This was an attack on us all and as we come together here in the United Kingdom – let us pray and stand with each other and confront not just these terrorists but also their ideology and yes their apologists hatreds, conspiracies and fear with our love, determination and courage.

Let us stand together united and let us stand free.


Daesh and Orlando

Thousands of people gathered in London’s Soho district on Monday 13th June 2016 to hold a vigil for the 49 people killed by the terrorist Omar Mateen in Orlando, Florida. The Association of British Muslims was proud to be among those paying their respects. We watched in silence as 49 balloons rose into the sky symbolising the needless deaths carried out by a Daesh supporting assassin.

Daesh would like to drive a wedge between the LGBT community and Muslims – as would the Far Right. The AoBM is determined to stop that happening. We are the oldest Muslim association in Britain and it’s our aim to build unity between all Britons regardless of faith, ethnicity or sexuality.

It was heartening to see many LGBT Muslims in Soho on Monday standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters. All of us expressed our disgust at the murderous acts of Daesh. The terrorists direct vulnerable or unstable people to commit murder without any thought for the consequences. Individuals like Mateen are just pawns in their battle. Once they have served their purpose, Daesh looks for others to brainwash with their distorted version of Islam.

It is sickening that the gunning down of people in Orlando happened during Ramadan. Daesh and their puppet Mateen clearly had no idea about the true meaning of the holy month. This shows the bankruptcy of Daesh as it loses territory and descends to becoming a blood soaked terrorist gang. The threat it poses in our communities is very real and the AoBM will be at the forefront of pushing back against extremist narratives and the ideology of terrorism.