Coronavirus Act 2020

While it is good news that powers introduced in the Coronavirus Act 2020 are being rolled back, we must ensure the sweeping powers that were introduced under the act are removed from UK law permanently, so they won't suddenly be reintroduced later on under some other pretext without parliamentary oversight and approval. While understandable during…Read more Coronavirus Act 2020

Policing, Drugs, and Crime Prevention

What Are The Priorities For Britain? With: 1. BEN TWOMEY Candidate for police commissioner Warwickshire 2. COMMODORE (retd) GARETH DERRICK Candidate for police commissioner Devon & Cornwall 3. DR WILLIAM MORRIS Former candidate for police commissioner 4. NEIL WOODS Former undercover police officer Recorded live on Wednesday, 7th April 2021.

Happy Brexit Day 🇬🇧 Music credit: Jeff Wayne - Brave New World

Labour’s promises…

All the things Labour promises needs paying for... Remember last time?