Does Islam Really Forbid Interfaith Marriages?

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong The Quran doesn't actually prohibit women from marrying anyone of other faiths. The only ayah from the Quran that can be used to back up what is in many communities the traditional position on interfaith marriages is 2:221, but that only says not to marry off “your women” to “mushrikeen”, i.e.…Read more Does Islam Really Forbid Interfaith Marriages?

On the Age of A’isha when she married Prophet Muhammad.

By Shaykh Daoud Rosser Owen When the matter of the Prophet's marriage to A'isha bint Abi Bakr came up some years ago, I asked an American scholar to provide a bullet-point statement about it (he'd just uploaded something like it onto an online forum). This is what he sent me (I added the headline, by-line,…Read more On the Age of A’isha when she married Prophet Muhammad.

Real Men Don’t Hit Women!

Contrary to what some think and even in some cases (shockingly) preach, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, condemned the beating of women. "How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel and then he may embrace (sleep with) her?" ~ Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. (Bukhari 8.68) As…Read more Real Men Don’t Hit Women!

Maajid Nawaz Tells Ian Paisley Jr he’s yesterday’s news

"One has to admit, Maajid Nawaz makes some most poignant points here... We are not living in yesterday's world, nor should any right-minded person desire the bigotry often prevalent in the past. In a society where bigotry rules, everyone suffers in one way or another." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Trust is like a Glass

"Be careful not to break anyone's trust, especially those for whom you truly care. Once broken, trust is the most difficult thing to regain." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Girls are like apples…

Celebrating Sex!

"Marriage celebrates sexual union, joy and pleasure. A fact many overly zealous religious nuts seem to forget. Sex is good! I'd sooner people made love than war." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong