Remembering my Dad on his birthday.

Richard Kevin Armstrong, would have been 69 today. Happy Birthday, Dad. Love you loads, you will always be remembered fondly. Thank you for everything. Al-Fatihah 🤲🏻 🎂❤️💐🌳🌹

Beautiful Manners

On the authority of Ayyūb b. Mūsā from his father from his grandfather that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “No parent gave their child a gift better than beautiful manners.” Ahmad and Tirmidhī (Mishkāt, Book of Etiquette, Hadith no. 4977).

In Loving Memory of Richard Kevin Armstrong

By Isabel M. Armstrong The death of a Redditch local politician, Richard Kevin Armstrong, has been announced by his family. Richard was born in 1953, in Birmingham. While living in Birmingham, Richard trained and worked as a manager in the retail trade at George Mason, a large chain of grocery stores at the time. He…Read more In Loving Memory of Richard Kevin Armstrong

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to my tremendously gifted and wise Dad, my amazing Baba, and all the wonderful dads out there! 💖😎

Don’t Be Promiscuous

Not from a source I'd normally share... but this is exceptionally good advice!

Children are a Trust from God; to Treasure and Support!

Explore Islam – Darlaston, West Midlands

Trust is like a Glass

"Be careful not to break anyone's trust, especially those for whom you truly care. Once broken, trust is the most difficult thing to regain." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

We All Are Big Bird