European Heat Wave Invades Britain!

Scorching heatwave has breached British shores, bringing temperatures of 31ºC to parts of the UK. Temperatures are expected to shoot above 35ºC before the weekend. The #weather is set to turn hotter over the next few days thanks to heat spreading north from the near continent — Met Office (@metoffice) 17 July 2016 Government officials have been issuing…Read more European Heat Wave Invades Britain!

Trevor Noah on The John Bishop Show (2015)

The Departures – Episode 4 – Crusadism The Departures is one of the most powerful and influential series of videos you'll ever see on the internet. The aim of the series is to expose the "Matrix" that has been systematically pulled over our eyes by ignorant preachers. The Departures exposes the stupidity that influences and infiltrates every facet of our lives.…Read more The Departures – Episode 4 – Crusadism

Diamond Jubilee fireworks, Wolverhampton

H.M. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee firework display in West Park, Wolverhampton.