Trevor Noah on The John Bishop Show (2015)

Merry Christmas (2014)

Wishing a blessed Christmas, Peace and Goodwill to everyone in our Human Family through the Eternal Grace of God.

Yet more Draconian legislation to limit the Natural Rights and Liberty of the People.

Ramadan 1432 (2011)

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Co-Director, AOBM After indepth consultation with the Royal Observatory, the Amir of the Association of British Muslims, Sheikh Daoud Rosser-Owen, has concluded that it is not physically possible to see the new moon before Monday night. The moon orbits the Earth in a regular, measurable and readily observable pattern, thus unless…Read more Ramadan 1432 (2011)

AOBM stands by Dr Usama Hasan

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Co-Director, AOBM Imam Usama Hasan is not wrong to state that Muslims need to move on from a basic children's understanding of creation. He has every right to hold the views he does. No amount of disagreement gives anyone the right to issue death threats. Life is a sacred gift from…Read more AOBM stands by Dr Usama Hasan

Culture and Intellect

By Imam Abdassamad Clarke Ihsan Mosque, Norwich Muslims have been misled by the failed agendas of multiculturalism into making Islam something intrinsically foreign. Dress is one aspect. The point of dress, for both men and women, is modesty and to cover what ought not to be seen in public. Every race, nation and culture has…Read more Culture and Intellect

Why Saira Khan wants the burkha banned and why I agree with her Great article from Saira Khan, I entirely agree with Saira's views on this. Burkhas and niqabs are cultural clothing, from intolerant societies in the Middle East, they have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam! As Saira correctly stated: "I have read the Koran. Nowhere in the Koran does it state that a woman's face…Read more Why Saira Khan wants the burkha banned and why I agree with her

Geert Wilders Arrival In The UK

I’m glad to see Mr Wilders has been allowed into the country. British culture is based on certain principles, including liberty and freedom of expression. However, inciting hatred is not a constructive course of action, whoever is responsible! Unfortunately, it’s true, some Muslims are stuck in the mentality of the dark ages; to point this…Read more Geert Wilders Arrival In The UK

Bees In Garden

Bumble Bees in our garden. The birdsong is beautiful too...