An Apple a Day!

Jabir b. ‘Umar al-Saksaki narrated from Muhammad b. ‘Isa from Ayyub b. Faddala from Muhammad b. Muslim, who said: Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, said: “If people knew what there was in apples, they would treat their sick only with it. Surely it is the quickest thing to benefit the heart, particularly its…Read more An Apple a Day!

Dialogue Society, Birmingham

Presenting Sadik Cinar with the Green Apple of KhilafahOnline, in recognition of the wonderful work of the Dialogue Society.

What was the “Forbidden Fruit” in the Garden of Eden?

A popular misconception is that the "forbidden fruit" was an apple, neither the Qur'an or the Bible substantiate this claim. As for what the fruit was, no one really knows but some popular candidates proposed by scholars are the pomegranate, fig, grape, citron, and even wheat. Ironically the latter, which isn't even a fruit, may well…Read more What was the “Forbidden Fruit” in the Garden of Eden?

Sirajul Haq expresses Support during visit to Birmingham

I presented an apple to Sirajul Haq during his visit to Birmingham on behalf of our organisation Khilafah Online. Sirajul Haq expressed his support for Khilafah Online, the work we are doing and encouraged us to do more, masha Allah. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Trust is like a Glass

"Be careful not to break anyone's trust, especially those for whom you truly care. Once broken, trust is the most difficult thing to regain." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

By Virtue thereof, He causes crops to grow

The Vision of Steve Jobs

"...My Lord! Increase me in knowledge." ~ Holy Qur'an 20:114 "Thus does (He) inspire you, as (He inspired) those before you, God Exalted in Power full of Wisdom." ~ Holy Qur'an 42:3 "When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live…Read more The Vision of Steve Jobs

An Apple A Day Keeps Jahiliyyah Away!

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Islam places great emphasis on learning and personal development. Muslims should always seek to learn and develop themselves, these were key qualities that made our forbears great scholars, scientists and philosophers, leaders in every field of human endeavour. When we again give learning, scientific and technological development central stage, we will…Read more An Apple A Day Keeps Jahiliyyah Away!