An Apple A Day Keeps Jahiliyyah Away!

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Islam places great emphasis on learning and personal development.

Muslims should always seek to learn and develop themselves, these were key qualities that made our forbears great scholars, scientists and philosophers, leaders in every field of human endeavour.

When we again give learning, scientific and technological development central stage, we will be leaders once more.

4 thoughts on “An Apple A Day Keeps Jahiliyyah Away!

  1. I agree with this statement. I also think that this not only goes for Muslims, but it should be taken as a lesson for non Muslims as well. Whether you read the Qur’an, the Bible, the Torah or any other holy book,

  2. You are quite right that our first need is acquiring knowledge but I need to point out one more thing. Although majority of people are away from learning but the students and scholars also need a little correction. I wrote an article on the same topic with the same verse. In that, I said that this verse is mostly taken for telling the importance of knowledge but no one takes this verse for telling the importance of Love. In this, we only focus on IQRA (read) but we do not focus on b-ismi Rabbi-k (WITH the name of thy LORD or SUSTAINER). In most of our life, we forget Allah and just focus on world.
    Definitely, the first thing to focus is IQRA but we should never forget BISMI RABBIK.

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