What Is Tawheed?

Islam, with over 1.61 billion followers internationally, is one of the world religions that profess belief in the Oneness of God, that Muslims refer to as ‘tawheed’. The word ‘Islam’ derives its meaning from the Arabic for ‘peace’ and ‘submission’, describing the peace and contentment that comes through faith. A believer in Islam is called…Read more What Is Tawheed?

Highest Level of Tawheed

The highest level of Tawheed (belief in the Oneness of God) is to render everything to Allah ﷻ, to recognise everything comes from Allah ﷻ and returns to Allah ﷻ, and to leave all your affairs to Allah ﷻ. This doesn't mean we don't perform our work in society, or do what we must to…Read more Highest Level of Tawheed