Embrace the Challenge

“Whatever our background, we don't need to let it constrain us... We can still grow, learn, achieve, and develop ourselves. For sure, if we have a difficult start in life this will be more challenging, but it is not impossible, and the more we had to struggle to succeed, the more precious our achievements.” ~…Read more Embrace the Challenge

Weekly Sohbet and Dhikr 22.09.2021

Salam alaikum! 🙏🏻 “Believers, remain mindful of God, seek ways to come closer to Him, and strive for His cause so that you may prosper.”~ Holy Quran 5:35 (Safi Kaskas) In this week's sohbet, I discuss faith, facing challenges, and education. Followed by the traditional weekly dhikr/meditation of the Naqshbandi tariqat. 🧙‍♂️📿💓 https://youtu.be/4bGNqdY_T4w Recorded live…Read more Weekly Sohbet and Dhikr 22.09.2021