Keep our Post Office’s open

Under Labour 4,875 post offices have already closed since 1997, almost ten a week. Wolverhampton MP, Pat Mcfadden has announced the future closure of 2,500 Post Offices which includes Upper Penn Post Office on Penn Road. Upper Penn post office is key part of the local community. It has numerous care homes, retirement flats and vulnerable people who rely on the service. It is disgraceful that a Wolverhampton Member of Parliament is responsible for the closure of a key service to Wolverhampton’s residents.

Local residents now have six weeks to have their say in a local public consultation on the closure of Post Offices in their area. I have been collecting signatures for a petition to fight the closure as the Post Office think that local people should travel over half a mile to the alternatives. Many local people who rely on the Post Office for paying their utilities, council tax, collecting their pensions, do not have access to a car. The Post Office has highlighted Jeffcock road as one alternative but in their own consultation literature admit that there is no direct bus service! The Government is again demonstrating its contempt for local people.

Paul Uppal


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