What’s on the Moon?

Please check out these images for yourselves, both authentic photographs from the Apollo 15 mission. In each there is a clearly defined object captured from different angles, which looks decidedly out of place and unnatural – quite different from the surrounding landscape. What is it? Could it be a crashed spaceship? If not, then what exactly is this object, that doesn’t appear natural and indeed looks so obviously manufactured?

Apollo 15 image – AS15-P-9625

Apollo 15 image – AS15-P-9630


7 thoughts on “What’s on the Moon?

  1. It’s a natural feature of the surface that only *looks* like a spaceship, and only vaguely so. Look at the stereo pair and at more recent pictures of the same location taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and it becomes clear that the regular shape is only a visual effect caused by low resolution and by a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

    Besides, if there were an alien spaceship on the Moon, why would it have to look like one of our spacecraft and have an aerodynamic shape? Alien technology might not look anything like ours, especially if it’s far more advanced. Compare a Prius and a horse-drawn carriage.


    Paolo Attivissimo

    Science Journalist
    Lugano, Switzerland

    • Of course, it just happens to “look” like a spaceship… The new images have been processed to ensure no spaceship like “anomalies”! 😉

      • It looks like a spaceship only if you’re thinking of Flash Gordon cigar-like vehicles. Which, no offense, is a very human-centric way of thinking. Alien spacecraft might have all sorts of non-aerodynamic shapes in the vacuum of space.

        Besides, if you really think that the “new” images have been “processed” to hide alien spacecraft, why didn’t NASA do the same thing on the original photos 40 years ago? Why did it even release them?

        If you’re a fan of alien conspiracy theories and claim that the Apollo photos are “processed”, I suggest you argue with Bart Sibrel, who says that the Apollo astronauts never went to the Moon and therefore your “processed” photos are fake. Maybe you can find some common ground.


        Paolo Attivissimo

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