Winter Solstice – When Darkness Nurtures Light by Judith Shaw

photo of Judith Shaw, painter of Goddesses, trees and other beautiful things of natureIn the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice, usually December 21,  heralds both the time of deepest darkness and the beginning of the return to light.  It is a liminal day offering a transformation from darkness to light.

In the mid-latitudes in the ten days after the winter solstice the hours of sunlight increase by only a few seconds up to a minute or so.  The world slows down allowing a time to relish the quiet of long nights and the inspiration of winter dreams.

Inanna's Descent, painting by Judith ShawOur ancestors through out the world honored an aspect of the Dark Goddess at this time.  Inanna, ancient Sumerian Goddess, played many roles for Her people.  She was maiden, queen, gift giver, lover, and wife.  She became a Dark Goddess when she heard the call of the Underworld, which was ruled by Her sister, Erishkigal.  She passed through the seven gates and entered Her sister’s realm, naked…

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