Bite Me Aphrodite – Dionaea muscipula

The Garden of Gods and Monsters

320px-Drawing_of_Venus_FlytrapThe father of evolutionary science Charles Darwin had a special place in his heart for the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula). According to him it was “one of the most wonderful plants in the world”. It’s not difficult to see why a man who studied adaption and evolution in the natural world might find this plant so wonderful after all it falls into that puzzling little group known as the carnivores. That this plant is named botanically for the mother of venus and that the common name is her’s directly is a fascinating insight in the depth a mind can go.

This group is a small one within the plant kingdom and are grouped together through their ability to attract, catch, and then feed on insects, amphibians, and occasionally small mammals and birds that fall into them. Essentially they are all traps designed to lure in their prey before imprisoning…

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