One thought on “Shaykh Hamza Yusuf speaking about ISIS

  1. Very recently I published the three blogs i have attached which expresses my view on ISIS / ISIL
    which along with Al-Qaeda, Talebaan , L E T , Sipah e sahaba etc are all NEJEDI centred babies Some one may say then why Saudia , Qatar and Bahrain is cooperating with U S . in fight
    against ISIS , but it is all politics , every thing is fine in love and war , specially for those who have nothing to do with ISLAM .If you ask them , they will say all rubbish, we have nothbing to do with JEWS , Israeil .
    The poor fellow , Mohd Sakher , researched and simply published a report of his studies , He was beheaded so as not any one should dare to say such rubbish again . NOW Abu bakr is
    beheading in masse , TO SHOW THAT THIS IS REAL iSLAM . ..

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