King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz R.I.P.


People who have been following me for some years will know I’m not particularly a fan of Saudi Arabia. I therefore have mixed feelings on the passing of King Abdullah. Nevertheless, it is not my way to think ill of the dead…

Without doubt, Saudi Arabia has many problems. How many of these the late king is responsible for, is not easy to say. While Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, in practice this does not mean the king really has absolute power, there are many other forces at play.

To be honest, my main gripe is with the Wahabi “religious” establishment who were empowered by King Abdullah’s father, but not King Abdullah himself. Credible sources inform me that privately the king had issues with them himself. King Abdullah even made ziyarat to the mazar of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

When King Abdullah visited Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, seeking forgiveness and guidance, who are we to judge? May Allah SWT forgive him and grant him jannah.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Sa

One thought on “King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz R.I.P.

  1. i don’t know what do you mean by RIP . It is true that after the death I should not say ill of any one but it is natural that when you hate an entire community of deviants whose elders in around
    one hundred fidty years invaded the most sacred karbala , killed millions since then , demolished our most sacred aasaar e Ahlebayt (A S ) and revived , rearmed the so called islamic Terrorism which had started with a terrorist attack on the door of the Farzand e Rasool’s mother and now
    it reappeared from there and the royality helped, finnanced and encouraged it in every possible way .
    If the entire family of the infidel wahabicRoyalty is wiped out, not a single tear will flow from my dried eyes which has swollen from the weepings for my near and dear ones who have been the
    victims of their Terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan,iraq ,Bahrain and Syria . They are all my brothers and sisters and were killed only for they do not subscribe to wahabbism, they are true muslims .

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