Just read that little Zainab was going to Quran class when she was abducted (and later gang raped, killed and dumped in the trash like garbage). Her Mum and Dad were performing Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca outside Hajj season) at the time. The crimes themselves are the stuff of our worst nightmares, but that these were perpetrated on a little Muslim girl on her way to Quran class, in a supposedly religious community, in a supposedly Muslim country… it beggars belief…

Just goes to show how fake and superficial many people’s religion is… Where is the fear of Allah in these people? Didn’t anyone see anything out of place? Why didn’t they do something to stop the evil predators before it resulted in the torture of little Zainab, and ultimately her untimely end, before she even had chance to live her life? Where were the police? The same thing has been going on in the same region for years!! When will it end?


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