US Democracy

Washington D.C. during my IVLP visit in 2017. An incredibly welcoming and inspirational city at the heart of the free world. I hope to visit again after COVID-19 and the lockdowns.

People might be surprised at my words in the wake of events yesterday and over the past few years. But a key point to take away from recent events is that while US democracy and its republican system have been tested to their limits, they remain intact. This is a testament to the US system and the incredible foresight and genius of the Founding Fathers, who drew up the Constitution and unique system of government 245 years ago.

While it’s easy for people in other countries to look on and knock, few countries haven’t experienced political turmoil, the abuse of power, and coups – especially countries with the size and diversity of the United States.

What Americans can justifiably be proud of is that they have a system with checks and balances in place. It’s not perfect, no system is, but it’s still working 245 years after it was first implemented, and aside from one civil war in the early years of their history, has kept the rule of law, order, and peaceful transitions of power that have allowed the country to prosper until today.

Americans should never take this for granted, and recent events are a reminder that a nation’s future is in the hands of its people. But should citizens of all political colours work to ensure their Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law are upheld, America still has a bright future.

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