Solutions to the War on Drugs

Neil Woods and Khalid Masud are former drugs law enforcement officers who are calling for dialogue on ‘The War on Drugs”.

Gun and knife crime is increasing in part due to the increased availability of uncontrolled drugs. Is a link between drug prohibition and violence so what is being done to tackle drug-related crime? Neil and Khalid will speak about some of the work they did as drug enforcement officers.

The UK spends huge sums on prosecuting individuals and trying to interrupt the flow of drugs into cities, carried along “county lines” by children. Do you think the money could instead on quality control, education, treatment for drug users, and child protection?

Should we legalise, regulate, and tax the sale of drugs for recreational and medicinal use? Or should we crack down even harder on both the users and dealers?

Please join us for this conversation, hear Neil and Khalid’s views and engage in a dialogue on zoom Thursday 18th February 2021.

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