Art of War of Fake News

Listen to a former CIA Station Chief and ex Military Intelligence Officer discuss how fake news & disinformation effects us all.

As CIA Station Chief Milton Bearden served in Pakistan, Sudan Nigeria and Germany. Today he is a consultant, writer and commentator. Milton has also advises Hollywood And has assisted on films including with Robert Deniro on Meet The Parents, The Good Shepherd.

Anthony (Tony) Shaffer is a former US Military Intelligence Officer who served in Afghanistan. Tony is the President of a leading US National Security think tank. A New York Times best selling writer and commentator on current affairs focused on issues to protect the United States and its allies from all current and developing threats.

Foreign powers seeking to shape the politics of another nation, fake news is a tool of psychological warfare that spreads (false) propaganda.

Recorded Live: Tuesday 20th April, 2021, 5:00 PM (London)

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