Allah is Loving

Allah has created us with love.  He did not create us for hellfire.  When we who have children see them do something wrong, we try to correct them. We do not burn them. We do not put them in the fire. We do not strike them, for even that is not allowed. We only try to correct them, by telling them “this is right; this is wrong.” Allah did not create human beings for punishment.

Many people nowadays claim this but it is not true. They are showing a cruel side of human nature which is evil and springs from Satan. Allah is merciful, Allah is loving, Allah is light. He created us with His mercy and love. Why are we not using that love and mercy which Allah from which we were created, for which we were created, and out of which Allah moulded us, to reach out to others?

~ Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani 💕🌹

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